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Window Banner & Decal Installation Instructions

Posted by Brady Bell on

TASTI Design Decal Install Instructions
Thank you for your purchase of your TASTI Design Decal! These stickers are di-cut with a clear transfer tape used to transfer the sticker. Below are some install instructions.

  1. Remove the sticker from the shipping tube and set it out in a warm area until it flattens out.
  2. Once flattened out, mock up the sticker on your vehicle to decide where you want it.
  3. Gather these minimum supplies: Rubbing Alcohol, Microfiber cloth, masking tape, marker or pen, credit car or squeegee, and a tape measure.
  4. Clean the area of your car you want to put the sticker with rubbing alcohol (or equivalent) and a microfiber towel to remove any grease or wax.
  5. Only apply the sticker in 60+ Degrees F (16 Degrees C) or the sticker may not stick properly.
  6. Use masking tape as a guide to set where you want the base of your sticker.
  7. If you want the sticker centered measure the width of your masking tape you laid out and mark a center line.
  8. Peel off the back paper of the sticker
  9. Line up the center line with the center line marked on your sticker.
  10. Position the sticker so it is equally distance from the masking tape at the base and stick it to your car.
  11. Remove the masking tape and confirm the sticker is where you want it to be before you push the sticker down.
  12. Use a squeegee, credit card, or your fingers to stick the sticker to the vehicle.
  13. Peel off the transfer tape slowly and make sure all parts of the sticker stay stuck to the vehicle. If they are peeling up you need to use your credit card, squeegee, or fingers to push it down better.
  14. Once done, ensure all parts of the sticker are adhered and you are complete!
If you have any additional questions email and we will answer them as good as we can!
Thank You,
Brady Bell
TASTI Design Owner