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No Mess Oil Filter Wrench (Subaru)

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Current Version: NMW-SUB003
1 Week 𝙾𝚛𝚍𝚎𝚛 Processing time!
Due to the manufacture process the product will have a texture and layer lines visible with small surface blemishes possible.

What started as an idea has evolved into a very useful product for at home Do It Yourself (DIY) mechanics and professional technicians. Our Patent Pending oil filter wrench has been tested rigorously by Subaru Technicians and our DIY following for the course of a year. 


Changing the oil on vehicles equipped with upside down oil filters can be a very messy task. The tools currently available on the market don't have a way of containing the mess and keeping the technician clean, so our No Mess oil filter wrench was born. Our wrench will not only keep you clean as you change your oil but it can also be used as a funnel. The bottom of the wrench is designed to thread perfectly into your oil fill cap to provide easy no-spill filling. When the jobs complete, use our wrench to funnel your old oil into your oil quarts to give clean transportation for disposal.


  • Designed specifically for the subaru EJ engine.

  • Works with various oil filter brands and sizes

    • The tool was designed to fit 63 mm to 67 mm 14 flute oil filters of any brand. A full list of oil filter manufacture and model numbers this tool will fit will be released at a later date. Contact us if you have oil filter fitment questions, no refunds will be given for incorrect fitment, so if you are weary, please contact us.

  • The flow channels provide extra grip for removing the filter.

  • The funnel hole at the bottom fits a 1/2 ratchet just in case the filter is really stuck on there.

  • When the 1/2 ratchet is hooked to the tool the installed oil seal ensures the tool catches and pools the oil with no leakage.

  • The tool acts as a general funnel as well.

    • The tool fits into most quart sized oil containers to drain the old oil back into for disposal.

    • The tool thread perfectly into all Subaru oil filler necks to provide easy oil filling.


  • 3D Printed out of solid PETG Plastic
  • Approximately 100 grams
  • Patent Pending (US Patent # 62/756,075)
  • Designed by Brady @ TASTI Design
  • Prototype Tested by Nick @ Subaru in Boulder, CO @ James at Subaru in Idaho Falls, ID

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