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Sponsorship Application

For application instructions first read this page to determine if becoming a TASTI Design sponsor is something you would enjoy.

What is required if you are accepted: *Subject to Change*

  • You add @TASTI_Design and #TASTIDesign to your posts
  • You refer people to the TASTI Design social media and shop
  • You put @TASTI_Design in your bio
  • You purchase a TASTI Design Window Banner and T-Shirt or Hat. We will give you your 20% off code prior to you’re purchase
  • We request you put the window banner on your car.

    Perks of becoming a sponsor: *Subject to Change*

    • 15% off on all apparel and decals (of normally priced items)
    • You'll receive stickers to give out at the events you attend
      • Exclusive TASTI Design shout-outs on Instagram and Facebook
      • A 5% discount code to give to your friends and followers
      • A picture of your vehicle on the TASTI Design website with a link to your Instagram and a bio you can create.

      What do you need to become a sponsor? *Subject to Change*

      • A good following base on social media.
      • A car, truck, and/or motorcycle that you are PROUD of.
      • Active in local (to you) Facebook forums.
      • Active in car, truck, and/or motorcycle events. Such as: Autocross, Track Days, Drag Racing, Car Shows, Cars and Coffee, Rally Events, Photo-shoots, etc...
      • A drive to help promote the TASTI Design brand and community.
      • Self motivated and a good attitude.


      If you feel you meet the requirements fill out the application forum below!