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Aluminati EJ Oil Fill Tube Short

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When running dual injector TGVs the top fuel rail may hit the oil cap. The EJ Oil Fill Tube Short will drop the oil cap for proper clearance. 

This oil tube is also perfect for chassis swap projects, shaved engine bays, front mount turbo kits and anyone wanting a clean tucked look. 

Note if you have intercool piping near the driver side valve cover this fill tube will cause problems when adding oil as it will obstruct the oil cap. 

Email with any questions or concerns about fitment before purchasing. 

OIL CAP NOT INCLUDED! Used for reference.


  • Machined from billet 6061 aluminum 
  • Comes with o-ring and install hardware
  • Made in the USA 

Compatible vehicles: 

  • EJ20/25 motors


White background pictures will be uploaded when complete.